The dispatch dashboard shows you the transports that must be carried out within 12 hours. When the transport is "finished" it wil disappear in the dispatchers dashboard, so the dispatcher kan keep an eye on which transports needed to be completed. The transport will be highlighted in green, orange or red. De color that is assigned depends on the prio code of the transport. When a transport is created the dispatcher needs to assign a vehicle, this can be done on teh dispatch page.

Assign crew to the vehicle

Beneath the dispatchers transport list there is an overview of which vehicles are "in service". In this list you can add paramedic to a vehicle. This needs to be done otherwise the ambulance crew is not able to see the transport that is assigned to them. You can see which users are linked to the vehicle. To remove the user from te vehicle, simply click te "x" icon on the user. A user can only be assigned to one vehicle at once.

Vehicle transports

When the dispatcher has assigned a user to a vehicle and assigned a transport to a vehicle, the user can see this transport in his "vehicle transports" page. The user can show the transports info and change te status of the transport. When the user is not assigned to a vehicle the message "No vehicle assigned! Please contact the dispatching to assign you to a vehicle." will show up.

Dispatch calendar

The dispatching calendars shows the transports in calendar view. It makes planning and dispatching very easy. The color of the transport depends on the transports prio code. If the transport was cancelled the transport will show up in gray. In the upper right corner you can choose the layout of the calendar (day, 3days, 5days or week).