Create a patient

When creating a patient these fields are fillable.

  • First name - These are the first name(s) of the patient. (Required field)
  • Last name - This is the last name of the patient. (Required field)
  • Address - This is the address where the patient officially lives. Each new address is registered in the locations section.
  • Date of birth - This is the date of birth of the patient.
  • Registry number - This is the registry number (identification number) of the patient. MediCode checks if there is already a patient with the registry number. This prevents from making duplicate patients.
  • Gender - This is the gender of the patient. You can choose "Male", "Female" or "Non-Binary". (Required field)
  • Mutuality - This is the patient's mutuality.
  • Phone number - This is the phone number of the patient.
  • Email address - This is the email address of the patient.